Child Support Information On The Go



Mobile Pages
The California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) is pleased to offer customers the ease and convenience of using Internet-enabled mobile devices to access our most popular Internet features: find a Local Child Support Agency (LCSA) office, check your account, make a payment and obtain phone numbers that provide access to account information.



In your phone’s web browser, type

If you click “Find an LCSA Office,” you may provide your location or browse by county. A listing of LCSA office addresses for the location you chose will appear on the screen in a mobile-device-friendly format.

The options to check your account or make a payment are links that take you to the Web pages with those services. For full access to the regular site, click Use Regular Site.

For more mobile applications and general information provided by the State of California, please visit


Mobile App

The CAChildSup mobile app provides easy and secure access to your child support account on the go.

  • Check My Account provides the latest account information via Customer Connect. View upcoming appointments, amounts owed and payments made.
  • Make a Payment connects you to the State Disbursement Unit where you can make an electronic payment, establish direct deposit or sign up to receive an Electronic Payment Card.
  • Search Local Child Support Agency provides you with a phone number, address, website and directions to your local county child support agency.
  • Resources and FAQs provide more information about the services available at the California Department of Child Support Services.

Be informed and find out about all of the professional services available when you establish a child support case with your local child support agency.